• On-the-field Hitting

    On-the-field Hitting

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  • Explosive Velocity Training

    Explosive Velocity Training

    Highly Regarded Throwing Techniques
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  • Bullpen Sessions

    Bullpen Sessions

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  • Team Training

    Team Training

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    Support Nica

    The Primary Mission of PDC
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Work.   Believe.   Succeed.

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There's no magic fairy dust a select few are given to propel themselves into the promised land of collegiate and professional sports. Those who separate themselves are not afraid to dream big, and are always willing to outwork others to break the mold. It's a simple formula, yet only a few are willing to go through trials and tribulations to turn their goals into reality.

We harness the skills & desire within each student so they have the best chance to excel, while providing the available resources and arena to foster growth and ambition.